Macro vs Micro

Comments on Category Theory by Coraline Ada Ehmke of "Greater than Code":


... traditionally, in science, we try to break things down into atomic parts and solve small problems and compose small problems into a grander solution. Category theory seems to take the opposite approach of taking a very high-level view of things, looking for ways that they are the same, and taking a macro as opposed to a micro approach. ...


... historically — especially in science — we focused on, as a basic problem-solving tool, breaking problems down into small pieces and trying to solve small problems and composing the solution out of solutions to small problems. One of the things that category theory brings to the table is looking at how things are similar more than how they're different, and solving big problems from a more top-down perspective. ... [W]e need both of those tools in our toolbox. Expertise comes from identifying when one tool is more useful than the other. ...

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