Daniel Coyle recently profiled elite cyclist Floyd Landis, who suffers from a serious hip problem and still competes at the highest levels of the sport. A memorable comment by Landis occurs near the conclusion of the interview-essay:

... I have to work with what's true. Things end. We're all going to die. But until that happens, there's really a lot you can do. Especially if you realize this is your last opportunity. ...

(from "What He's Been Pedaling" in the 16 July 2006 Sunday New York Times magazine; cf. EinBenStein (19 Sep 2002), EatTheOrange (28 Nov 2004), ...)

TopicLife - TopicPhilosophy - 2006-07-22

An anonymous reader notes the recent Floyd Landis steroid/doping scandal, still under investigation at this time; cf. ProfessionalJuicers (28 Jan 2004), PumpingIron (16 Aug 2004), MoneyOlympics (29 Aug 2004), ForbiddenSubstances (8 Apr 2005), ...

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