Mantra - Open the Aperture


... zoom out — transcend — cast the net wider — expand the context — remove the blinders — grow into the universe of possibilities — make room — and as Jon Kabat-Zinn suggests:

... sometimes, if you learn how to just stand there, at what the Zen people in the Zen archery world call the point of highest tension — nobody could string or hold back Odysseus's bow except Odysseus, nobody — but when you can stand at the point of highest tension with your thoughts going nowhere and hold it in something bigger, wakefully, not necessarily in a dream, but actually wakefully, interesting connections seem to appear because they're already here.

But we are in some sense blind to them because our thinking itself acts like lenses and prevents us from seeing orthogonal opportunities, opportunities that are rotated in some way in relationship to the passive assumptions, to what's already known. ...

... yes: something bigger ...

(cf Widening the Lens (2015-09-30), Mantra - Grind New Lenses (2017-12-26), ...) - ^z - 2018-10-30