Markup Syntax

Markup in the ZhurnalyWiki follows the Creole standard, plus a few simple extensions for sub- and super-scripts, blockquotes, etc.

markup result markup result
**bold text**bold text//italic text//italic text
##Monospaced text##Monospaced text%%Small Caps Text%%Small Caps Text
empty line makes

new paragraph
empty line makes

new paragraph
double backslashes\\force breakdouble backslashes
force break
,,subscript,, and ^^superscript^^subscript and superscript wiki link [[Markup Syntax]]wiki link Markup Syntax
[[Markup Syntax|link label text]]link label texthttp://zhurnaly.com
[ URL label text]URL label text[][1]
{{{ //escaped// [[NotLink]] }}} //escaped// [[NotLink]]
(no markup interpretation)
(tilde = "escape character")


To make a bullet list:

To make a numbered list:

  1. Begin a list line
  2. With a number-sign (#)
    1. Put multiple number-signs (## etc.)
    2. In front of sub-list items

Rules, Headers, Tables

Smaller Headers

To make smaller headers, type three to six equal signs at the beginning of a line in front of the header text, like ===Smaller Header, ====Still Smaller Header, etc.


To make a table:

Put pipe symbols Like " | "
Between table elements On each row
And at the beginning
and the end
Of every row

To make header lines on tables, use "|=" in front of each header element:

Like This Header Line
Above A Regular Table


To make a blockquote:

put three double-quotes (""") on lines by themselves above and below the section

to be blockquoted

Redirection and Transclusion

Definition Lists

To make a Definition List
begin a line with ; followed by the word(s) to be defined, and on the next line put : followed by the definition(s)

Local Links and Anchors

To create a local anchor named "Label" write [:Label]. This anchor can then be the target of a link to the page via the page's URL followed by "#Label", e.g., etc.

To create a wiki link to an anchor on the same page, e.g. "Top", write [[#Top]] = Top. Change the link text using a "|", e.g. [[#Top|go to the top]] = go to the top. To link to a local anchor on another page proceed similarly, e.g. [[JFK 50 Miler 2008#Ken]] = JFK 50 Miler 2008#Ken, and likewise change the link label with "|" as in [[JFK 50 Miler 2008#Ken|Ken's Report]] = Ken's Report.


Birdy Sunset

(correlates: BirdySunset, ZhurnalyWiki Software Update 2008, SandBox, ...)