Metatarsalgia Cure

The metatarsal bones behind the little toes in my left foot have, since 2002, occasionally ached during long runs. Sometimes they hurt even after short walks. The cause? A great mystery. I asked my doctor about the pain, and she had no ideas. I tried changing my stride, my foot placement, my shoes, etc.—all to no avail.

But last week I think I found a cure! While I was walking home from the subway station the left metatarsals started to twinge, and inspired by yoga class and various yoga books I've been reading recently, I tried consciously spreading my toes inside my shoe. The change in alignment instantly made the achiness go away. Why didn't I think of it sooner? It worked during yesterday's 45 mile run (the 2010 "Andiamo" race), where many other things went awry but my metatarsalgia never showed its face. Whee!

(cf. countless references to left foot metatarsal pain here, e.g. Rocky Run (2002-11-17), JogsAndAmbles (2004-06-19), JoggingRecovery (2005-08-05), Gunpowder Keg Fat Ass 2007, UltraMedicine (2008-11-21), 2009-11-05 - Appalachian Trail and Canal Towpath, 2010-04-03 - Chocolate Bunny, ...) - ^z - 2010-10-10