"You've got great hair — I really like your dreadlocks," I compliment the little girl as I overtake her during my walk home from the subway. She and her mother have just emerged from a neighboring house and are on their way to the local park. She appears to be about four years old, and her hair reminds me of my younger son's at a similar age.

"That's Mr. Christmas!" she says shyly to her mom.

I smile, wink, and tug on my long gray beard. "You be good, and I'll bring you some presents!" I admonish her. Her mother prompts her to reply, "I will!" Earlier during my journey I picked up a small cubical beanbag, abandoned on the sidewalk. I give it to her mother. "It's for juggling," I explain, "but you need a few more of them."

"One will be plenty for us!" she laughs. I wave good-bye and trek onward ...

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