Mister Pollyanna

Spooky parallels between a 1913 novel and Pokey's current situation, on crutches as his fractured femur heals? According to Wikipedia's summary of Eleanor Porter's Pollyanna:

... Pollyanna's philosophy of life centers on what she calls "The Glad Game," an optimistic and positive attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation, no matter how bleak it may be. It originated in an incident one Christmas when Pollyanna, who was hoping for a doll in the missionary barrel, found only a pair of crutches inside. Making the game up on the spot, Pollyanna's father taught her to look at the good side of things–in this case, to be glad about the crutches because she did not need to use them. ..."

Shades of the "Thank Goodness" attitude, and Kate Abbott's memories of her ultramarathon Massanutten Mountain Trails 2010 experience! Later in Porter's book, again according to a Wikipedia synopsis:

... even Pollyanna's robust optimism is put to the test when she is struck by a car and loses the use of her legs. At first she does not realize the seriousness of her situation, but her spirits plummet when she is told what happened to her. After that, she lies in bed, unable to find anything to be glad about. Then the townspeople begin calling at Aunt Polly's house, eager to let Pollyanna know how much her encouragement has improved their lives; and Pollyanna decides she can still be glad that she at least has had her legs. The novel ends with Aunt Polly marrying her former lover Dr. Chilton and Pollyanna being sent to a hospital where she learns to walk again and is able to appreciate the use of her legs far more as a result of being temporarily disabled and unable to walk well. ...

... just as ^z has a flock of friends who are scoring mitzvah points by visiting and giving him rides? Yes, and maybe as a comrade suggests, another optimistic archetype is Professor Pangloss in Voltaire's Candide!

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