Annoyed by monster sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that hog the road? You need MockMack™! This inconspicuous luggage-rack attachment folds flat on the top of your car ... but if an aggressive driver cuts you off, just press the activation key and it flips up to display the grille of a super-size semi diesel tractor --- complete with bulldog logo (or extra-price optional designs of your choice). The MockMack™ then glides forward on a pair of telescoping rails, until it hovers just aft of the back window of the unfriendly SUV at 12 o'clock. When the aggressive driver glances into his rear-view mirror and sees the glowing red LED eyes of the bulldog on the grille behind him ... well, perhaps the movie Duel will come to mind. Perhaps he will drive a bit more cautiously in the future, when he gets his little truck out of the ditch.

When its mission is accomplished, MockMack™ retracts instantly to its stow-away position on top of your car. You smile ... and remember our corporate slogan: It's not just the mind that boggles!

(cf. CornFloss (2001-06-16), ...)

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