Mount Whitney (east face) - click for larger imageHere's a photo I took during a 1976 Caltech grad student expedition (cf. CaliforniaSherpa, 27 May 2000) to climb the east face of Mount Whitney. That mountain itself is the mass almost cut off by the right-hand edge of the image. Nearest to Whitney is the Keeler Needle, a jagged spar a few hundred feet lower and less than half a mile to the south. If you look very closely at the foreground (click to enlarge) you can see a pair of my friends, one in an orange windbreaker and one in black, on a rock at the bottom-right of center. They hint at the resolution of Kodachrome 64 film, the scale of the Rocky Mountains, and maybe the relative importance of mankind in this context.

TopicPersonalHistory - 2007-06-16

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