The 2005 movie Must Love Dogs (screenplay by Gary David Goldberg, based on the novel by Claire Cook) is surprisingly good. It combines a high density of smart dialog, decent acting, and engaging characters. Sure, the plot is borderline-silly. There are far too many convenient coincidences to sustain belief. Suzy Nakamura, one of my favorite actors, has only an infinitesimal rôle. But no matter! You've gotta salute a movie that — besides repeated scenes of characters watching Dr. Zhivago, a sound track that includes The First Cut is the Deepest, and extensive recitations from poems by William Butler Yeats and Robert Browning — tosses off the line:

"I love this internet. It's part fantasy, part community, and you get to pay your bills naked."

(cf. Stark Raving Mad (28 Oct 2005), ...)

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