New Superpower

After somebody walks through Hell — survives multiple crises that could have literally killed them or left them a forever-crippled husk — they look around and ask, "Is this all?"

In the growing gaps between feeling infinite gratitude, they're disappointed. Justice demands that they should have gotten something for their escape, some new superpower or magic ring or spiritual revelation or deep wisdom ... or at least major recognition, a medal and a handshake and a round of applause for returning unbroken and sorta-mostly-kinda OK, if not fully recovered.

Instead, they're thrown back into the trenches, sent out to fight again, to punch the clock and earn a living and pay the bills to support their family. Nobody seems to notice. They're penalized for low productivity during the time they were away. They're exhausted, and they still ache from damage that will never heal.

It's unfair, it's undeserved, it's totally tragic.

And what can they do about it? Well, perhaps there's nothing to do, yet three things to be:

Yes, and just be ... and is that the new superpower?

(for SMB; cf Parachute Color (2011-12-06), Watch the Wound (2015-07-24), Radical Acceptance of Damage (2015-08-26), Mantra - Let Go and Let Be (2015-12-02), Stand by You (2017-01-11), ...) - ^z - 2018-10-27