Not Thinking vs Not Not-Thinking

Jessica Macbeth's book Moon Over Water explores alternative, complementary techniques of meditation, and suggests some interesting categories (in Chapters 8-12):

"Nearly all meditation techniques are 'doing'," Macbeth says. As for Non-Doing:

The non-doing techniques are those that have no focal point other than stillness — and even stillness is not the focus. Simply being focused is the focus. These techniques are usually very difficult for most people and generally are more suitable for someone who has been practising for a while. Not thinking of anything, not even of 'not thinking' is quite a mental balancing act. In describing non-doing there is a Zen saying: I am not thinking! I am not not-thinking!

(cf. VarietiesOfNotCaring (2004-06-19), HinduVsBuddhist (2008-01-01), ...) - ^z - 2012-03-23