O Tannen-Bomb

Tired of year-after-year Christmas Tree decorating? Tacky tinsel and tangled strings of lights too boring? Just play O Tannen-Bomb! and the holiday season will take on a whole new meaning! Using your WII or Kinect controller you fling ornaments at a virtual tree to make the prettiest pattern. Shatter your opponents' glass pickles to score bonus points. Build your skills to gain new decoration types, offensive and defensive — until at Level 10 you're hurling godlike lightning-bolts, fireballs, and exploding supernovæ at a cosmic Yggdrasil tree light-years high, while alien armadas counter-attack. Can you save Christmas for the Galaxy?

(cf. DemeritBadges (2002-05-09), PowerSponge (2003-09-18), IpodMiniCooperAccessory (2004-07-06), Night Glasses (2009-12-31), ...) - ^z - 2011-12-22