For quite some time I've had vague thoughts about experimenting with wiki systems on http://zhurnaly.com/ for a variety of reasons: personal learning, software diversification, feature-space exploration, etc. Of course, I fully realize that when I start doing this sort of seductive programming play, I'm likely to waste (uh, I mean, "invest") huge amounts of otherwise-productive time. The Cluster Wiki code that Bo Leuf developed works exceptionally well on http://zhurnal.net , I'm used to it, and I enjoy it. So why mess with success?

Ah, but the eye tends to rove ... and by chance last week I ran across http://www.wikimatrix.org/ , a site that offers an array of information about a wide spectrum of wiki systems. The "Wiki Choice Wizard" on Wikimatrix accepted my major criteria:

So with all that as background, a few days ago I set up a test system at http://zhurnaly.com/cgi-bin/wiki running Oddmuse. It took more than minutes to configure but less than hours, and that time includes a flock of mistakes that I made along the way. So far, Oddmuse looks promising, but much more remains to be done.

The ZhurnalyWiki Oddmuse experiment is likely to either:

Meanwhile, feel free to mess around on http://zhurnaly.com/cgi-bin/wiki and let me know what you think about it — thanks!

TopicZhurnal - TopicProgramming - 2007-07-10

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