Grace forms the essence of success. Grace distinguishes the best dancer, conversationalist, mathematician, or chef from the also-ran, who goes through the motions and may even reach the same ends, but only by visible application of force. Grace flows like water. It moves effortlessly, yet we all realize that hidden behind the graceful performance is an investment of hard work, interminable practice sessions combined with thoughtful study. Grace delights us like a conjurer's trick. A mechanical device, or a musical composition, can possess grace by virtue of its efficiency, its unexpected economy of structure that yields much from apparently little.Grace, of course, also means forgiveness --- a gift from another which can unexpectedly bless us when we need it most. We can live gracefully, moment to moment, by applying what we know to be highest and best to the current situation --- even when pressures of expediency and frustration tempt us to take short cuts.

Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 11:30:12 (EDT) = 1999-04-10

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