One-Mind OM-Cards

Thanks to encouragement-challenge by the inimitable, energetic, creative, kind Dr Kerry, there's now a set of online "One-Mind OM-Cards" here. For a random OM-Card click on the "Om" link at the top of every ZhurnalyWiki page; to see all the OM-Cards in alphabetical order go to the Om Museum.

The card layout, in brief, is simple — unlike a previous mindfulness-card experiment which built cards on-the-fly in the browser via CSS text overlays. OM-Cards consist of:

These OM-Cards were built using Apple's "Keynote" presentation-maker; prototype physical cards are about to be produced by The Game Crafter, in "Mint Tin" box format of 52mm x 87 mm (~2.0" x ~3.4"). Cards are most economical to print in multiples of 18, and a box holds at most 55; there are 54 OM-Cards at the moment.

The card-back design is from a stained glass ceiling light in a family friend's used book store many years ago:

... and mint-tin boxtop art is from a Ken-Gar meadow sunbeam:

... with mint-tin bottom a transposed adaptation of the Awakening Matrix:

Will Attention-Acceptation-Affirmation soon sweep the world, thanks to One-Mind OM-Cards? As the cards say, "Om - Be Patient" about that, and "Om - Be Open" to the possibility — and of course "Om - Be Skeptical"!

(To get a physical deck of Om Cards see ...) - ^z - 2019-11-12