Open Mind OM Cards

The "One-Mind OM-Cards" are so last week! When an initial Version 0.1 mint-tin deck arrived it clearly had:

Hence, Version 0.2 is now in the works. It features a significantly larger font, hue-intensity-tweaked background images, reworded mantras, and an improved title: Open Mind, abbreviated as before OM. The new card-back design bears the reminder Be:

... the mint-tin boxtop is darker, with better-outlined font:

... and the box's bottom drops the distractingly mathematical last "0 - 1" column:

More changes, doubtless, to follow when the physical prototype set is delivered. Perhaps:

For a random OM Card click the "Om" link at the top of every ZhurnalyWiki page; to see all the OM Cards in alphabetical order go to the Om Museum.

(To get a physical deck of Om Cards see ...) - ^z - 2019-11-19