Operating System of the Universe

Physics is the Operating System of the Universe

... or so might a physicist suggest!

And from a completely different direction, Hasidic Rabbi Michel Twerski in a YouTube video says:

In reality, time is a seamless thing and we are all part of that seamless thing called time, and we plug into it, with the moments, and the minutes, and the way in which we we use those those moments in those minutes. We're affecting, we're investing, what we need to into time, and time and space and Torah (Law) and the human, the person's essence, and form of a human being are all one — and when a person does one Mitzvah (Commandment), it affects time and space and it reverberates through the entire Beri'ah (Creation). That's the power of a human soul, that it's all interconnected in a way in which the operating system is Torah and Mitzvot. The operating system, the OS of the Universe is Torah and Mitzvot.

... or, perhaps not such a different direction, if one thinks of the Universe as including mind and life as well as fields and particles, time and space, energy and matter, shape and number, ...

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