Perpetuum Mobile
This is a work-in-progress.
Several emails have been pasted together as a start for the theme I'm trying to understand.



This slip into a classic pitfall has provided a personally novel perspective on more aspects of humanity than I imagined from my first approach to it.

By cross-referencing and generalizing my experience to as many areas of knowledge as possible I hope to discern an underlying structure in the psyche.

Thematic titles and concepts:
Technologic Mandala, Theologic Mechanism;
Mechanisms in/of the human subconscious; SI Koans; masculine traits
transcendence of Impossibility;
insoluble problem, irresistable puzzle, koans,
perpetuum mobile,
evolutionary psycho(path)ology, cognitive blind spots, subversive intuitions, psychosomatic induced mania;
missionary urge; knowing delusion; energizing meditations, manic states in mysticism, Bucke's "Cosmic Consciousness"
spinning/dizziness/altered state, wheel/circle/mandala meditation, Jerusalem syndrome
spindle/spinning/weaving moon myth metaphor and history of technology, suspended judgement(bertrand russell)
"kundalini awakening by technological koan"

(correlates: SlowThyself, LineariZation, Mr. Wizard, ...)