Lest they be forgotten, excerpts from four articles appearing on page 10, section A, of the Sunday morning Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper dated 22 February 1928:

Scouts Distribute Baskets to Needy --- Lincoln's Spirit of Generosity Demonstrated by District No. 4 Boys --- Wreath to Be Placed on Statue Today; Churches to Honor Anniversary Week

In memory of the spirit of generosity evinced by Abraham Lincoln, Philadelphia Boy Scouts sought yesterday to follow in the footsteps of the "Great Emancipator" when they distributed baskets among the needy. The presentation of provisions was a part of the closing ceremonies of Boy Scout Anniversary Week. ...

New Hair Mode Seen in New York

The most beautiful girls in New York are doing their hair the new way. It's so lovely, but so simple. That's why it appeals to popular girls, who need to save time wherever they can. One of the busiest of them is attractive Mary Chandler, for three seasons a member of "George White's Scandals" and now appearing in "Artists and Models." She says: "I am so busy. I don't know how I'd take care of my hair, if I hadn't learned the new way so many of my girl friends are doing theirs.

"All I do now is put a few dashes of Danderine on my brush each time I use it. This wonderful preparation keeps my hair looking so lovely that many friends want to touch it. I set my waves with Danderine, too, and it holds them ever so much longer. All dandruff disappeared with a few applications .... "

... All drug stores have the 35c bottles ...

Man Forced to Keep His Crippled Wife --- Wrote Invalid Asking Divorce, Cheltenham Police Say --- Must Pay $17.50 Weekly to Maintain Her and Son, 3, Norristown Judge Rules

"It's nicer to be single again, and I'd appreciate it if you'd get a divorce or permit me to get one."

This, according to Chief of Police Hallowell, of the Cheltenham station, was the purport of letters which William Kelly, an Elkins Park pharmacist, living in Ashbourne road, sent to his wife, Alberta Kelly, weeks after he had gone to Pittsburgh.

Mrs. Kelly, an invalid and crippled, though still a young woman, did not share her husband's viewpoint, particularly because there was a three-year-old child to be supported. ...

Refuses to Shed Blood --- Storekeeper, Pistol in Hand, Lets Thieves Escape With Loot

Although he stood with a pistol in his hand as three men fled with a bundle of silk umbrellas from his store, Edward Barr, of 2422 North Tenth street, refused to fire at the escaping thieves yesterday.

"I would not like to spend the rest of my life thinking that I had taken a fellow man's life for the theft of a few umbrellas," Barr told detectives in reporting the robbery. "I saw them clearly as they left the store but I knew they could not have stolen much as there was no money in the cash register and most of the stock was too cumbersome for them to move, so I let them go."

According to Barr, who occupies an apartment above his store, he was awakened by the noise the burglars made in his shop. The intruders apparently heard the proprietor's footsteps as he leaped from bed and they hurried to the street. As Barr snatched his pistol and glanced from his bedroom window he saw the three men board a large touring car and speed away.

(This page of the newspaper, yellowed with age, surfaced as part of a large bound volume that Paulette picked up some time ago at a thrift store. She shared it with the rest of the family, and we were all charmed by its quaintness, good humor, and excellent use of language.)

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