Philly 100 Run 2012 - Tweets

Real-time posts to my Twitter account during the Philadelphia 100 Endurance Run of 2012:

Time Tweet
1:29am Riding to #Philly100 with Jackie Ong -- looking forward to the run!
3:45am Starting #Philly100 with Jackie Ong now! -- in front of Lloyd Hall, near Art Museum -- chilly!
5:49am Lap 1 mile 8.4 #Philly100 ... including stop for coffee at Dunkin Donuts!
7:50am Lap 2 mile 16.8 #Philly100
10:04am Lap 3 mile 25.2 #Philly100 - GPS says 26.35 - left metatarsals ache - will nap in Jackie's car while she does next lap - then see ...
12:28pm Good nap! About to start my lap 4, Jackie's lap 5 #Philly100
2:42pm Lap 4 mile 33.6 #Philly100 - walk most of the way - Jackie gives me a head start while she changes, catches me at mile 5.5
4:57pm Lap 5 mile 42.0 #Philly100 - solo - kudos to 'Thunder' and other Marathon Maniac friends of Jackie for kind help at their aid station!
5:44pm Practiced yoga savasana = 'corpse' pose on ground by Jackie's car for 25 min - then refueled, now starting lap 6 #Philly100
6:21pm On the Schuylkill River Trail / Apparently it's de rigueur / In tight pants or Spandex shorts / To display one's derriere
7:55pm Lap 6 mile 50.4 #Philly100 - I run up and down the 'Rocky' steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum when I reach them at mile 50 - \(^_^)/
8:54pm Jackie and I have had enough #Philly100 fun - stop at her mile 60+ and my mile 50+ ... now, to home, a hot shower, and a soft bed!

^z - 2012-04-08