Physics Today Obits

Perhaps it's a sign of getting old that I'm reading more obituaries now, and worse, recognizing more names in them. The October 2010 issue of Physics Today features three obits that each end with amusing, thoughtful, moving comments. In his tribute to astrophysicist Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge, Jayant V. Narlikar tells of a journey from Mumbai to Bangalore:

... Those who have seen the driving on Indian highways would appreciate the risk he was taking. But then he was an old radical who cherished risky paths.

In Lee C. Teng and Roger H. Hildebrand's memorial note about the late Albert Victor Crewe, inventor of the scanning transmission electron microscope:

Crewe's outstanding contribution to science and his ever cheerful and optimistic disposition were deeply appreciated and will always be remembered by his colleagues and friends.

And concluding the eulogy to laser physicist Boris Peter Stoicheff by Richard G. Brewer:

All who knew him will miss this kind gentleman who had a special talent for making people feel better just by being in his presence.

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