Chess by mail is an exciting sport, particularly to those who enjoy watching paint dry or grass grow. A typical game takes 6 to 18 months. I played postal chess beginning in the mid-1960's, took a break, and then got back into it in the early 90's. Most of my games were far from memorable ... but the people whom I met were fun to correspond with. Here's a summary of my encounters, based on US Chess Federation records. If you find your name on the list (or spot somebody you know) please drop me a line and tell me how it's going!

My correspondence chess rating began at 1600, the bottom edge of Class B. It random-walked with a slow upward drift during the next five years, and ended in the lower third of Class A ... a proud 1859. Five years, hundreds of dollars in postage, thousands of hours of head-scratching, for a gain of 259 points. Definitely worth it!

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