Last month I had a good email conversation with Darren Neimke of Regex Blog fame concerning, among many other topics, personal productivity and the factors that contribute to it. Among the memorable tips and suggestions that came up in our correspondence:

Above all, don't obsess --- and in particular don't get all wound up about short-term visible "productivity" to the detriment of long-term really important things, such as health, family, wisdom, ...

(The early 20th Century books mentioned in ReadingsOnThinkingAndLiving remain extraordinarily relevant, esp. Arnold Bennett's How to Live on 24 Hours a Day and Mental Efficiency, etc. --- see BennettOnLife, BennettOnStoicism, PersonalEnergy, ZhurnalAnniversary2, ... --- as well as Seneca in LifeTimeManagement1 and LifeTimeManagement2, ... )

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