Practice of Contentment

In A Morning Cup of Yoga, Jane Goad Trechsel offers gentle thoughts on nonattachment, letting-go of expectations. In the section "Practice of Contentment (Santosa)" she writes:

A beautiful niyama to work with is the practice of contentment, or santosa. In this practice, we decide that in this very moment we will be contented, no matter what storms are threatening. The fact is, there are always storms. If we wait for things to become as we demand them to be in order to be contented, we will always be waiting. Contentment can be enjoyed in small tastes. On the worst of days, it's possible to pause and look at the world with unclouded eyes for a moment, see the sky, hear a bird, see a child's face and say, "For this tiny moment, I choose to be contented."

Begin to look for those moments. When you crawl into your bed at night, let your body relax. Let go of the concerns of your day. Stop trying to control events and people around you, and, as the Beatles said, "Let It Be." When we quit fighting and resisting, contentment arises naturally.

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