On 12 February 1998 during the drive in to the office I had a moving conversation with my then-carpool-mate (CD) about "Emotional Vampires". That lovely phrase was used the day before by a friend (KC) to describe certain personalities who tap into one's psyche and drain it dry ... people who demand an audience ... who latch on and won't let go ... whose suffering is the central feature of their existence --- and who insistently impose that pain upon others, sucking away energy and life. We all know such people. CD & I talked about a marriage that broke down when a manipulative and spiritually undead husband browbeat his wife into getting an abortion --- a true tragedy that drew tears from both of us. It was good cry, cathartic and happy, worth remembering.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 05:43:01 (EST) = 2001-03-20

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