A Race for the Soul is Brian Harder's video celebration of the 2001 Western States 100, a fabled ultramarathon. The scenery is splendid enough, but what really makes this movie shine are the people: the runners that challenge themselves (including some living legends in the field: Scott Jurek, Tim Twietmeyer, Ann Trason, Gordon Ainsleigh, ...); the families and friends who help them along the way (while wondering why they do it); and the volunteers and organizers who make the event possible. Along with inspiration and joy and disappointment come moments of great humor — such as the comment by one competitor (#167, Renda Gail) who when told near mile 50 that she's looking good replies with a sentiment I share:

Looking good is the most important part when you're slow!

(great thanks to ultrarunner comrade Caren for lending me this DVD; cf. RunningThroughTheWall (23 Jan 2005), RunningOnTheSun (4 Nov 2005), ...)

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