Radical Acceptance of Damage

In Radical Acceptance Chapter 2 ("Awakening from the Trance: The Path of Radical Acceptance") Tara Brach distinguishes "acceptance" from resignation, withdrawal, self-indulgence, or passivity. She explains how, even after a crippling accident:

... Radical Acceptance also means not overlooking another important truth: the endless creativity and possibility that exist in living. By accepting the truth of change, accepting that we don't know how our life will unfold, we open ourselves to hope so that we can move forward with vitality and will. ... By meeting our actual experience with the clarity and kindness of Radical Acceptance, we discover that whatever our circumstances, we remain free to live creatively, to love fully.

Think Possibility, not Expectation ... and Jon Kabat-Zinn's remarks in Mindfulness for Beginners on "Taking Care of This Moment" ...

^z - 2015-08-26