"Lather, rinse, repeat", the bottle of shampoo directs. How many literal-minded computer programmers have complained about that infinite loop?

I haven't had a haircut for a couple of decades; my hair falls out as fast as it grows in. (Exception: I trim my moustache every few weeks, to keep it out of harm's way when I eat.) Before that Paulette used to snip off stray strands. Earlier still I cut my own locks with scissors, as I sat perched on the edge of the washbasin and tried to look at the back of my head, using a hand-held mirror to reflect the image from the looking-glass above the sink. Pre-1974 I was clean-shaven, crew-cut, and had actually witnessed the inside of a barber shop. Nowadays I comb my beard with my fingers. It saves time.

I bought a bottle of conditioner recently for another member of the family, and was amused to see it labeled as being for "rebellious hair". Hey, my mane isn't trying to foment revolution --- it's already achieved anarchy!

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