Professor Maynard Mack, Jr., aka "Sandy" Mack, directs the Honors Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. A few gems from his conversation yesterday with parents of prospective UM students:

And of course, being a "reflective student" applies not just to classwork, but to all of life ...

A search for other examples of Sandy Mackisms led me to David Bindel, a student of mathematics and computer science now in grad school at Berkeley. His collection of "Sandy's Sermons" [1] from the 1997-99 era provides much to ponder. Bindel himself seems to be a kindred spirit: his "Personal Page" [2] offers many pointers to topics that I already enjoy, plus links to things that I clearly need to learn more about.

Time for me to start studying (and thinking about what I'm studying (and thinking about the act of thinking about what I'm studying, and ... ) ... ) ...

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