Riot Act

Excerpts, edited from a Day One lecture that a colleague (James P) gave to some classes he taught:

Is everyone familiar with the term "Riot Act"? It's what the police read to an unruly crowd before they go wading in with horses, pepper spray, and batons. They don't read it with the expectation that the crowd is going to disperse; they might even be a little surprised if it did. They read it as a courtesy to the crowd—as a form of expectation control—so that when they do go wading in with horses, pepper spray, and batons, no one should realistically be shocked or offended; no one can say they didn't get the memo. This is a sort of Riot Act—what I prefer to call Expectation Control.

I have five points I want you to take away with you. Write them down please.

One. This course is not about your self-esteem.

Two. This course is not about getting promoted.

Three. Expect to be singled out.

Four. You are professionals, not students.

Five. The professional is not a passive learner.

^z - 2010-07-07