An announcement posted to the MCRUN mailing list this morning (1 April 2007), describing a new event for the Montgomery County Road Runners:

          rUNAWARE 6k --- 31 April

The rU6k is a new race for 2007 which will be held in West Dickerson on a unique course which offers a challenging mixture of natural and artificial hazards. Join us for MCRRC's celebration of "Freedom to Run" --- whenever, wherever, however, and with whatever you may choose. Strollers, mp3 players, sound-canceling earphones, unleashed animals, and heads-up navigational displays are recommended. The 6k (Technology Series) event starts at 9:15am, when the "GO" signal will be transmitted to runners via text message. Participants will encounter automobiles, inline skaters, freight trains, cyclists, electric fences, jitneys, and if we're lucky a few crazed deer. Instead of bib numbers, results will be reported based on IP addresses.

During the race all runners will need to consult their Blackberries, cellphones, and/or laptops frequently to download instructions, since race officials will update the course map in realtime depending on traffic and the location of hostile law enforcement authorities. GPS users are reminded to rely on their scrolling maps and to disregard any human course marshals they may encounter. Free WiFi hotspots will be available for the convenience of runners, as will emergency battery recharging stations. The associated 0.314 mile Kids Run is part of the Junior Geek Series and begins at 9:14am. All youths who score at least 100k points on their Gameboys during the event will receive special music download certificates. The rU6k race is part of our ultra-low-key club series, and is free to MCRRC members, $5 for non-members. Registration is race-day only via email to

(with many thanks to comrades Caren, Christina, and Ken for inspiration and helpful suggestions!)

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