Runner Code - Part 1

The original "Geek Code" by Robert A. Hayden was a shorthand way to describe oneself among computer weenies. An abridged example:

d- s-:+ a+ C++ w--- t+++ y?

describes a casually-dressed, short, overweight, 30-39 year old, computer-savvy, Windows-hating, "Star Trek"-loving, male.

Runners need a similar compact way to identify themselves. Herewith, Part 1 of the "Runner Code". Within each category, pick your self-description symbol(s); skip categories that don't apply or that you don't wish to disclose. This installment of the Runner Code mainly deals with relatively serious parameters; (more) silly stuff will follow.

Physical Parameters

Sx = female; Sy = male
A0 = 0-9 years; A1 = 10-19 years; A2 = 20-29 years; etc. — alternatively, As = sub-Master (<40 years old); AM = Master (40+ years); AG = Grandmaster (60+); AS = Senior master (80+) — or A followed by numerical age
Wx = no measurable body fat; Ws = skinny/scrawny (e.g., typical fast runner's build); Wn = normal body type (Body Mass Index in the low-to-mid 20s); Wp = pleasingly plump; WC = Clydesdale (male weighing >200 lbs.); WA = Athena (female weighing >145 lbs.) — or W followed by numerical weight or BMI

Racing and Training

Distance preference(s)
DU = ultramarathon (50 km and up); DM = marathon (26.2 miles); Dh = half-marathon (13.1 miles); D10k = 10 kilometers; D1 = one mile; etc. — or list favorite distance(s) after "D"
Mileage per week
M0 = 0-9 miles; M1 = 10-19 miles; etc. — or range, e.g., M15-25 — and Mx = ex-runner, not currently training due to injury, illness, or other circumstances
Surface preference(s)
St = treadmill; Sp = pavement, sidewalk, bike paths; Sn = natural-surface trail; Sr = rocks and roots, St = technical climbs
EW = I've set a world record; EO = I'm an Olympic medalist (add suffix "s" for silver, "b" for bronze); EN = I'm a national-class runner and win major events; Ec = I regularly win club races and often place high in major events; Ef = I'm one of the faster runners in my group; Em = I'm a middle-of-the-pack runner; Es = I'm slow, but I don't care


Sy AM Wn DU M2 Sn Es

labels a slow male runner over 40 who likes ultras and natural-surface trails, and who typically trains 20-30 miles/week — someone like me. See Runner Code - Part 2 for more controversial issues, including iPods, pacers, performance-enhancing drugs, etc.

^z - 2008-12-26