Running Logbook

2022-09-03 - Anacostia Parkrun and Sunrise Adventure

~4.4 mi @ ~19 min/mi

~3.1 mi @ ~13 min/mi

"Buggs and Little Benny" food truck / "District Walls" murals and signs / Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge / Nationals Baseball Park – 🦄 and 🐇 arrive at dawn and explore the neighborhoods on both sides of the Anacostia River. Then at 9am they both finish in the top 20 at the Anacostia Parkrun 5k – of 21! From the official results, K2 is 30:57 and Roadkill is 40:04.

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-19

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2022-09-02 - Matthew Henson Exploration

~3.6 mi @ ~14 min/mi

First to the North Pole / Locally born and raised / Matthew Henson roamed the Earth – Starting in the neighborhood near Connecticut Av, trot upstream along Turkey Branch in the Matthew Henson State Park, then return via streets and sidewalks, searching for cut-through connectors.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-18

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2022-09-01 - Liquid Death Delivery

~3.6 mi @ ~17 min/mi

I'm thinkin' about / Good hydration – 💦 Cool-for-summer midday loop brings four flavors of canned water to 🐻's home. A Brooklyn Sandwich Company ("Glatt Kosher") food truck is parked in the alley. Bombus impatiens, the common Eastern bumblebee, busies herself in harvesting nectar and carrying pollen among the crimson zinnias.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-17

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2022-08-31 - Bad Dad Joke 863

~3.3 mi @ ~17 min/mi

To Market, to Market, to ... / Buy ice cream on sticks! – On the way to the Kensington grocery store, from the ongoing "Tom's Bad Dad Jokes" whiteboard on Kingston Rd, a silly riddle for Day #863:

Why was the geometry teacher late for school?
They took the RHOMBUS!

... with the postscript, "Happy First Week of School!"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-16

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2022-08-30 - Thunderstorms

~1.7 mi @ ~14 min/mi

Warm rain rumbles / As wet dog sculptures / Guard Green Park – Random-walk around the Gaithersburg neighborhood bounded by Great Seneca Highway, Sam Eig Highway, Muddy Branch Rd, and Diamondback Dr, on the way to Ted's Montana Grill for bison! 🦬 🦬

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-16

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2022-08-28 - Beantown Tour

~2.5 mi @ ~14 min/mi

Late Sunday afternoon is warm and humid for a meander on the east side of the tracks in Rockville. 🐰 suddenly discovers the MCRRC warehouse-office in an industrial park, along with "Tex's Place" (beer and deli).

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-15

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2022-08-27 - Locust Hill Estates and Kensington Parkrun

~3.9 mi @ ~19 min/mi

~3.1 mi @ ~11 min/mi

With 🦄 explore a new Bethesda neighborhood (Locust Hill Estates, bounded by the Capital Beltway, Rockville Pike, and Cedar Lane) and meet Yuma (a friendly 15 year old puppy!) twice as our path meanders. Then, at the Parkrun 5k #168, finish both last and first in the male 65-69 year age group, since comrade 🐻 had a recent birthday and graduated to the next cohort. Come in a few seconds behind fast-and-friendly Malynda Chizek Frouard, who pushes a twin stroller; official time 35:05 for 41st place (of 56 total finishers) – mostly jogging but with two major walk breaks in the warm and humid final mile. 🥵

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-13

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2022-08-26 - Spicy Thai

~2.8 mi @ ~18 min/mi

Meander midday downtown to pick up Drunken Noodles, Papaya Salad, and Mango Sticky Rice on a hot-and-humid Friday.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-13

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2022-08-25 - Twinbrook Trail

~2.5 mi @ ~14 min/mi

          Randy Caruso
(July 4, 1955 - August 23, 2014)

This plaque commemorates the life of Randy Caruso. Widely accepted as the "Mayor of Twinbrook" during the early 1970's, Randy greeted everyone with a warm smile and a friendly handshake He had a positive impact on many who grew up in the area. Those who knew Randy will never forget him.

Diagnosed with William's Syndrome at an early age, Randy broke down barriers and changed the way many people viewed those who are differently abled. Randy was a gregarious and kind friend who made everyone realize that we are all special in our own way. He was an ambassador of love and joy, and a cherished citizen of our community.

Randy frequented this very path to and from the many community events he attended – whether he was walking or riding his bike, "Silver."

A loving plaque honors Randy Caruso in Rockcrest Park, near the Rockcrest Community Center. A trail leads there from the Twinbrook Community Recreation Center through the woods and along small streams by Aleutian Ave.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-12

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2022-08-24 - Silver Cock's Comb

~3.2 mi @ ~17 min/mi Fiery fountain / For bees to sip / Celosia argentea / Scarlet spikes

Walk the neighborhood to fetch fried fresh fish from Hunan City on a warm summer afternoon; see 2021-10-21 - Celosia Argentea for similar flowers seen later last year.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2022-11-11

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