Scientific Experience

Scientific, rational people fairly often report mystical experiences; see, for example, Atheist Spirituality. Mystical people, on the other hand, rarely if ever seem to have scientific experiences. Why the asymmetry? What would a "scientific" epiphany be like? A sudden vision that the world is governed by natural laws, not subject to arbitrary wishes or whims? A deep feeling that numbers and equations are central to everything? A sense that by working hard and studying one can understand past and future events via quantitative models? An instinct that everything in a deep way makes sense? Hmmmmm!

(cf. KnowHowAndFearNot (1999-11-19), LensManic (2001-07-16), RealGenius (2003-01-23), TechnicalMinded (2003-07-18), HalClement (2003-11-05), Standard Model (2008-09-06), ...) - ^z - 2010-12-30