Musician Scott Reiss took his own life last Wednesday. I knew Scott only indirectly; other family members saw him often, over the years, as they visited his home and studied viola da gamba with his wife, Dr. Tina Chancey. They attended a wake for Scott today. I went out on a long run in memory of him.

Many segments of the trail were covered with ice, treacherous footing on which I almost took a tumble. Scott's brain chemistry, alas, caused episodes of depression that made icy patches appear too frequently in his life. On 14 December 2005 he slipped on one and fell. He will long be missed.

(see eulogy by Tim Page, Washington Post, "Scott Reiss: In the Pipes, He Found a Calling" (17 Dec 2005); cf. RememberRafe (11 Dec 2000), ...)

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