Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Step aside, Michelle Meyrink (Jordan Cochran in Real Genius) and Suzy Nakamura (Betty Shin in Stark Raving Mad) — Ellen Wong has just won a new place in my pantheon of marvelous, underappreciated girl-genius actors. She's a delight to watch in the rôle of Knives Chau, precocious friend of the title character in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Based on a graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim had only a brief run in theaters during August 2010. Son Merle liked it, but alas I didn't take his recommendation seriously enough to catch the film then. My loss! When it appeared on disc early this year and the family finally saw it, we were blown away. Scott Pilgrim is a 21st-Century Big Trouble in Little China: fast and fun, rich in quotable lines, full of startling effects, finely crafted with details that reward multiple viewings. Michael Cera does a great job as the protagonist.

The only flaw: Scott Pilgrim's original final scene, available on disc as a special feature, is far better than the conventional theatrical-release conclusion that was grafted on after test screenings. (And yes, I admit that my judgment may be clouded by lovely Knives Chau's relative place in those endings!)

^z - 2011-03-06