Who makes a difference? Who really affects the future? Maybe some scientists and statesmen, occasional parents and philosophers, a few artists and authors. But is it important to cast a visible shadow on events? (Why? See RememberMe, ^zhurnal 21 May 1999.)

A few years ago Jonathan Yardley (in a Delta Airlines inflight 'zine article, February 1998) wrote about our society's fixation on obscenely wealthy sports figures and the common tendency now to call them "heroes". Quite a contrast, Yardley observed, to the serious heroes of past generations: Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., et al. Today's idols are virtual pygmies --- "... famous for being famous..." and little more. Their shadows will soon fade.

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I believe that the heroes are the ones who save lives without press; ones who take in the ones deemed unmanagable and make them into people that are more responsible than those judging..those who ask nothing but to be left alone yet will gladly accept chaos to save a soul..

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