Five years later the ^zhurnal still grows. (Who knows how much longer, or what it may evolve into? Not I.) Increasingly often I find myself surprised at what I see when I browse to a random page or search for an arbitrary word. The surprise isn't always pleasant, mind you --- but once in a while there's something that brings an unanticipated grin (or grimace, or groan).

Perhaps this reader is getting more forgetful as time passes? Or perhaps, in the spirit of DiffuseConsciousness (21 May 2003), increasing amounts of a low-grade idiosyncratic intelligence are starting to pile up here? A pleasing fancy, to my mind at least.

The British architect Christopher Wren is buried in St. Paul's Cathedral, a building which he designed. His crypt bears the Latin inscription:


which literally translates "Reader, if you seek his monument look around you". What a legacy to dream of!

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