Silencer Ownership Simplified

KASE, 100.7 MHz, is a country music radio station in Austin Texas. When visiting family in the area I like to listen to it for a glimpse of the Real World, or at least one slice of it that's different. Country songs, if a woman is the lead vocalist, seem to focus on how the singer been wronged by her man (e.g., Taylor Swift's "Mean"). If there's a male lead, however, themes more often revolve around clever double entendres and lyrical reminisces about NASCAR, growing up in the South, etc.

Noteworthy on KASE-FM recently was a commercial for gun sound suppressors, by The Silencer Shop. Their slogan is "Silencer Ownership Simplified" and, according to the advertisement, putting one on your weapon will preserve your hearing and prevent scaring the animals you're shooting at. Sounds like a valuable safety feature!

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