O Wind! Caress my love:
      Be thou my fingers as they brush
      Her hair, my lips upon her cheek.
      Whisper my name into her ear.
      Bring her the scent of juniper
      From canyon paths where first we walked ...

O Light! Gleam for my love:
      Shine in my tears of dew upon
      The rose, and twinkle stars for her
      That smiled on us as we held hands.
      And later, let her glimpse once more
      My shadow on the rumpled bed ...
Beside her.

O Word! Speak to my love:
      Echo the quiet songs we sang,
      In chorus, nestled two as one.
      Retell my silly jokes to her.
      Unfold the letters that I wrote
      And read them to her yet again ...
Remind her.

O Wind, O Light, O Word! Comfort my love:
      Assure her each day that, although
      Death's door has closed between us now,
      I loved — and love — her only, still ...

( ... to Paulette Dickerson, on our 25th wedding anniversary, 6 September 2003 ... see also ValentineWish (14 Feb 2002), ForUs (31 Dec 2002), ... )

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