For an infinite number of reasons, skies enchant me. Maybe it's their openness ... perfection ... freedom ... the magic of their never-changing always-new faces ...

Songs that touch the heavens touch me --- from classic Bob Dylan ("... but for the sky, there are no fences facing ...") to today's Nathalie Imbruglia ("... I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn..."). Literature likewise shines for me when it turns skyward. And the science of the cosmos sends my spirit soaring.

Why? All I know is, I love to look up ...

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TopicPoetry - TopicArt - 2003-05-25

Which triggers a few neurons storing a thought on cultural quirks reflected in language. The common warning exclamation in English is: Look out! (perhaps reflecting a perception that the target person is "looking in", introspective and unaware of the physical danger). In Swedish, however, it is literally: Look up! -- one might fancifully imagine the danger coming from the skies, but the more prosaic likely explanation is that the preoccupied Swede perhaps had eyes firmly fixed on the ground at his feet, plodding away oblivious to surroundings. -- Bo Leuf

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