Slower Runner's Guide

During a recent used-book sale expedition I fortuitously discovered a mother lode of tomes devoted to running. One in particular caught my eye: a small 1985-vintage crudely self-published monograph by Arthur J. Amchan with the apropos (for me) title The Slower Runner's Guide. Its binding is professional quality but its typography is primitive --- a monospaced font with right-justification provided by sporadically inserted extra full spaces in short lines. Its page numbers are calligraphically-styled handwritten insertions. Its illustrations consist of humorous but primitive-style drawings done by the author himself.

But set aside the amateur production values, consider the content, and The Slower Runner's Guide shines. Throughout his little book, Amchan offers sensible guidance, light-hearted encouragement, and a strong dose of experience-based wisdom. Some examples:

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