Smells Like Freedom

The power of imagery! At the grocery store, eye-catching stickers on new Old Spice brand deodorant sticks describe the varieties with stirring words:

Two other mountain-named flavors, not seen locally:

On the corporate web page [1] there's the anonymous immortal prose:

While other men may choose to transport themselves via minivans, bikes or filthy taxis, you choose to ride two Komodo dragons, which you strap onto your feet like shoes. You also choose to wear the fresh smell of Old Spice Komodo, which provides anyone close with a light nose-tickle of exotic winds and ornate pagodas. And we'll just end this short piece of Internet product copy with this: is there a better image than a man walking off into the sunset with live Komodo shoes, both hands raised triumphantly in the air? It's a rhetorical question.

As libertarian characters in the science-fiction story story "And Then There Were None" (1951, by Eric Frank Russell) put it, "That's freedom, isn't it?" Or at least it's creative advertising ...

(cf. My Ob (2002-08-18), WhateverYouWant (2007-07-26), ...) - ^z - 2011-08-09