Smile and Listen

A thoughtful essay: "Lessons on the Trapeze: The Art of Making Things Happen". Author Sonya Derian goes to a circus arts camp and hears:

Smile and listen. Those are the only two rules you need to follow to excel at the trapeze.

... which leads to her further musings on life: "Smile and Listen. Let go of resistance so that you can hear your internal guidance and follow its lead. Let grace take over and the wind be at your back." Closely related to mindfulness and non-attachment ...

(cf. Wherever You Go, There You Are, Coming to Our Senses, Finding the Quiet, Lunchtime Enlightenment, Being Nobody, Going Nowhere, What Is Meditation, Meditation by Eknath Easwaran, Fully Present, Waking Up to What You Do, ...) - ^z - 2011-08-20

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