Robert Charles Wilson's Spin is a major-award-winning science-fiction novel published in 2005. Perhaps it's slightly behind Wilson's Blind Lake in my estimation, but nonetheless it's a strong work, with significant echoes of Robert Forward (Dragon's Egg), Vernor Vinge (Marooned in Realtime), and Larry Niven (Protector). As T. S. Elliot said, "Talent imitates, but genius steals!". Sequel to follow ...

(cf. FasterForward (21 Feb 2002), TheDefenders (27 May 2002), MaroonedInRealtime (12 May 2006), TheChronoliths (9 Dec 2006), BlindLake (17 Dec 2006), BiosFear (15 Jan 2007), ...)

TopicLiterature - 2007-01-29

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