Stark Raving Mad

To my too-long list of underappreciated movies must be added Stark Raving Mad, a 2002 caper flick written and directed by Drew Daywalt and David Schneider. The "raving" of the title is a loud and crowded club dance, cover for the bank robbery taking place downstairs. Besides superb camera work and a witty story, SRM offers near-Fight-Club-class dialog, sharp and smart — but alas, too obscenity-laced to quote here.

Best of all, however, Stark Raving Mad features another fine nerd for me to identify with: Suzy Nakamura, who as a disgruntled hacker brings to mind the Real Genius tour-de-force performance of Michelle Meyrink. Bravo, ladies!

(cf. DialogueDensity (21 May 2002), RepoMan (10 Mar 2003), CutTheVolume (5 Mar 2004), DannyTheDog (14 May 2005), ...)

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