Stationary Cycling Mar 2012-Jan 2013

DW's recumbent stationary bicycle in the basement serves to get the heart rate up, slightly, and the sweat rate up, significantly, when injury preempts the running option. Typically I set it to the half-hour "Program #5" (the hardest) which seems to be the equivalent of doing ~15 min/mi jogging pace, i.e., ~400 kcal/hour. According to my notes I pedaled madly on it a few times in 2011 and more intensively in January 2013 while recovering from foot and hip/ITB injury. Data, including what I watched or read during the spin:

date duration distraction
2011-03-2060 min Ironman movie (partial)
2011-04-2460 min Ironman (remainder)
2011-05-1760 min Lake Placid 2 movie
2013-01-0560 min Nine and a Half Weeks
2013-01-0690 min newspapers
2013-01-0760 min Marathon & Beyond magazine
2013-01-0860 min Marathon & Beyond and The Economist
2013-01-0960 min Truth in Comedy
2013-01-1060 min The Economist and The New Yorker
2013-01-1160 min Truth in Comedy and Zen Sex
2013-01-1260 min Zen Sex and music videos

(cf. 2011-02 - Stationary Bicycle Pedaling, ...) - ^z - 2013-01-22