Superpowers - Systems Thinking, Asking, and Listening

From the January 2019 Greater Than Code podcast interview "114: Theory of Mind with Jean-François Cloutier", when asked to identify his 'superpowers':

JF: ... I turned to my wife and I asked, "Liz, what are my superpowers?" and she immediately said, "You see the forest before the trees." I said, "Huh, that's interesting." I guess I do have a pretty good sense of systems. I'm a systems thinker.

I approach everything as a system embedded into other systems embedded into systems and I always try to intuit the emergent properties of any system I approach or any system I write or any software. Software is always a system, even though the simplest of software is embedded into a larger system, including the environment in which it's used. I'll go with what my wife says, always a good thing to do in a marriage, and say, "Yes, I believe that would be my superpower" — systems thinking.

SAM: I would just like to take a moment and point out that you have, in fact two additional superpowers that I would draw attention to. The first is asking your wife things and the second is listening for the answer.

JESSICA: Rare and powerful skills. ...

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