Taiji at Work

The T'ai Chi approach — adding a little unexpected push to what one's "opponent" is doing, instead of opposing force with force — may be a useful metaphor for Doing Good in a big long-term way in large organizations. Don't try to fight the bureaucracy. Don't get angry and rebel, blame The Boss or one's lethargic co-workers, foment revolution, or strive for top-down restructuring.

Instead, look at the direction in which the giant machine is already moving. Can The Organization be directed, with a tiny nudge, onto a better path? Is it moving in a dynamic field of forces where small perturbations get amplified? Can a model of how it evolves help forecast which way it may be heading? Can a gentle tweak predictably grow over time to make a big change for the better?

And can the same approach help in other areas, such as long-term relationships, or one's own life?

(cf. Taiji and Self Awareness (2014-04-15), Control Theory of Taiji (2014-07-23), ...) - ^z - 2015-06-29